Alpine Dams

Cow families are at the heart of any successful stud program. A selection of females who have been strong influences on the Alpine Angus herd are profiled below.

Alpine Wilcoola D124(AI)(ET)

Sire: Hyline Right Time 338(ET)
Dam: Ardrossan Wilcoola U20(AI)(ET)

Strong bodied and sound Wilcoola female, stemming from some of the most prepotent cows in the breed. This branch of the Wilcoola family, deriving from E104 and K31, has produced countless high class bulls and AI sires.

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Alpine Wilcoola

Alpine Wilcoola D18(AI)

Sire: Lawsons Dinky-Di Z191(AI)(ET)
Dam: Alpine Wilcoola X40(AI)(ET)

(Half Share with Reiland Angus)

Another product of the Wilcoola line, D18 is a magnificent looking female with a fine front, flowing back to a big hip. This is a herd bull producing family, with D18 and her two older sisters already producing sires working in other stud Angus herds.

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Alpine Wilcoola

Alpine Blackbird C84(AI)(ET)

Sire: Te Mania Unlimited
Dam: The Grange Blackbird A180

Classical style Unlimited daughter who is a product of one of the USA’s most prolific cow lines. She is moderate framed with a good square hip. Her grandam Davis YR Blackbird 558H has grossed over US$3.5 million in progeny sales alone.

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Alpine Blackbird

Little Meadows Edwina X3 (AI)

Sire: B S S Limited Design
Dam: Little Meadows Edwina U3 (AI) (ET)

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Little Meadows Edwina

Alpine Wilcoola X40(AI)(ET)

Sire: J L B Exacto 416
Dam: Ardrossan Wilcoola Q6

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Alpine Wilcoola

Te Mania Lowan R133 (AI) (ET)

Sire: Bon View Bando 598
Dam:Te Mania Lowan N72

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Te Mania Lowan

Te Mania Beeac U340 (AI) (ET)

Sire: B/R New Design 036
Dam: Te Mania Beeac R342 (AI) (ET)

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Te Mania Beeac