Alpine Sires

The key to the Alpine Angus breeding program is the continued infusion of diverse and current genetics through AI and ET programmes backed up by quality herd sires, structurally sound with good temperament, leading EBVs and performance traits which will build on and complement the Alpine Angus female herd. AI sires are selected to complement both the Alpine female herd and our own herd sires.

We are extremely well placed with four of our herd sires, Bowmont Jackpot J310, Largo Full House F12 and Sterita Park Jackpot J231, recognised AI sires in their own right.

Bowmont Jackpot J310(AI)(ET)

Bowmont Jackpot has bullet proof type, tremendous eye appeal, balanced EBVs and a first class pedigree.

He has near perfect structural assessment, breed average for fat, big birth to growth spread and breed leading scrotal and milk.

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Bowmont Jackpot

Largo Full House F12(AI)(ET)

Largo Full House is a low birth weight Z3 son with good frame and impeccable structure.

He produces progeny in a similar mould – light when born, good growth & frame and put together very well.

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Largo Full House

Sterita Park Black Jack J231(AI)(ET)

Sterita Park Black Jack is a clean fronted, nice length and an extremely sound bull.

He has a unique pedigree, with a great birth to growth spread. His sire Connealy Forward is an Onward son, a line that excels in producing moderate birth, high growth, sound cattle.

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Sterita Park Black Jack

Texas Hold 'Em H126(AI)

Texas Hold 'Em features massive early growth, low birth weight in a moderate framed package. He has excellent structure scores and is a free mover.

Texas Hold 'Em has the ability to enhance EBVs across the board like few others.

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Texas Hold 'Em

Ardrossan Casino NAQC18

Ardrossan Casino NAQC18 was purchased by Alpine Angus at around 16 months, he has and continues to make a significant contribution to the Alpine Breeding program.

Casino is an exceptionally long bull whose frame and structure go hand in hand with strong breed EBVs.

Casino represents an outstanding package. His semen is available through Agrigene.

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Ardrossan Casino

Milwillah Gatsby G279(AI)

Milwillah Gatsby is a big IMF bull with a flawless phenotype.

His first set of calves are clean topped, long and very correct on feet and legs.

Gatsby is presently our first choice AI sire to lift the marbling propensity of our herd. Not many bulls can match Gatsbys combination of breed leading IMF & Scrotal, high growth, structural integrity and strong maternal background.

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Milwillah Gatsby

Dinky-Di VLYZ191

Dinky-Di, VLYZ191 was purchased by Alpine Angus in 2005 aged 14 months.

With over 3600 recorded progeny Dinky-Di is recognised as an outstanding Australian Angus sire with great calving ease, low for the birth but still achieving good growth at 400 and 600 days.

He has been used extensively in the Alpine Angus breeding program. Semen from Dinky-Di is available from Agrigene.

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Koojan Hills Somethin Special WKHW26

Koojan Hills Somethin Special, WKHW26 was purchased by Alpine Angus in 2003. He has made an outstanding contribution to the Alpine Angus program.

A seven frame score Future Direction son, Somethin Special is well represented by daughters and granddaughters in the Alpine program.

Koojan Hills Somethin Special

TeMania Unlimited VTMU3271

TeMania Unlimited, VTMU3271 was used extensively in the Alpine Angus herd as a young bull. Alpine Angus were fortunate to secure semen rights to Unlimited as he came into prominence in the breed.

His daughters and granddaughters are amongst the leading females in the herd.

TeMania Unlimited