The key to success at Alpine Angus is our loyal client base. We are very fortunate to enjoy the support of many in the industry, particularly those in North East Victoria, into the mountains and beyond.

Our client’s problem is our problem, for us to deal with, work with and solve.

Our clients are located in one of the great locations for producing weaner calves of outstanding quality. The North East is a renowned nursery for producing females that farmers from other areas can purchase and use to enhance the fertility, doability and reliability of their herds.

Our long standing clients have a commitment to producing quality cattle year in, year out, with good structure and good temperament. Our role in supporting our loyal client base is critical. With the merger of the Alpine Angus and Welcome Swallow programs, Suzy and Jim Martin have joined Chris, Jim and Tim in liaising with our clients and Welcome Swallow clients. We will provide each client with as much assistance as we can to ensure the ongoing profitability and success of their commercial programs.

Alpine Genetic News

Alpine Angus is a success in today's world

"A comprehensive after-sale guarantee plus our 'can do' attitude means we have our client's back." – Alpine manager Chris Oswin.

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Bowman’s Forest Wins top Pen

Long time Alpine clients the Ferguson family from Bowmans Forest won the Best Presented Pen for the sale at the Gordon Sinclair Memorial Sale at Wangaratta on Friday 20th August 2021.

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Strong results from Marj's small Angus herd at Balbattum

Selecting Angus bulls based on temperament, low birthweight and strong growth had led to a low-maintenance production for Marjory King, who runs a small herd of purebred Angus breeders at Wellwood, Balmattum, near Euroa.

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Pulitano Pastoral: Good genetics and feed a winning combination

Winning the best presented pen of steers at a weaner sale is no mean feat when the yarding has more than 7000 cattle. And taking out both the best presented Angus steers and heifers is virtually unheard of.

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