2020 Bull Sales

Alpine Angus successfully held its Autumn bull sale in 2020. A top price of $13,000 was achieved at the sale.

Spring 2020 Bull Sale

The Alpine Angus Spring 2020 Bull Sale was held on Wednesday 23 September 2020 at the Alpine Angus Sales Complex, 1138 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite. 42 HBR & APR registered Angus bulls were on offer on the day. A top price of $20,000 and and average price of $10,619 were acheived.

Autumn 2020 Bull Sale

The Alpine Angus Autumn 2020 Bull Sale resulted in 100% clearance of the 77 bulls on offer. A top sale price of $13,000 was achieved. The average sale price was $7,240.